Friday, July 07, 2006

"If you take a single step toward positive change, that divine energy will take a hundred steps toward you. New worlds and unbelievable possibilities will open up for you. The synchronicities that will begin appearing in your life will become a source of delight and amazement."
Joan Borysenko

Synchronicites are defined as the relation that exists when things occur at the same time. Synchronizations are the adjustments that causes something to occur or recur in unison. There is a symmetry to life when it is in perfect synch. True balance and real happiness can only come from embracing positives. Change is the key to every locked door, without it our existence is stunted to an area barely large enough to sustain life.
We cannot really live inside of such a barren territory. Going through the motions is about the best that can ever be achieved if we are not willing to mutate throughout our lifetime. Change should be viewed as an adventure, but all too often it is seen as an enemy. When one level is mastered it is only right and proper to go on to the next. If you reach a place that is too far above your ability then retracing steps is an option, while going as far as you deserve is a privilege. Just the attempt is a victory of sorts, trying is its own reward, succeeding is the icing on the cake.
Inside of each of us there are treasures just waiting for discovery. Dreams lay breathlessly waiting for life. Hopes are within easy reach, propping up whatever is sagging from too much pressure is a happy task. Depth is something that can only be reached by digging, and who better to man the shovel than the one who owns the property.
Life is not a spectator sport. The weak walk in safe ruts, never disturbing the surface of things. They are quite safe from most deep agony, but joy eludes their grasp as well. Life... real life... is awarded to those who push the envelope, risking all for just the chance to feel one moment of pure joy.
Unpolluted exhilaration only comes from positives. Negatives are soiled by nature, better left in the dirt than planted in any living tissue. They narrow our point of view to mean slits in the walls that surrounds them, draining the nourishment from any healthy roots within reach.
We all program our own minds to accept or reject whatever enters there. If your brain if filled with garbage, guess who is to blame? The power of will is astonishing, but it has to have someone at the helm to be of any use. During a fire it takes a fireman to direct the water to put out the flames, a hose without someone to point it is quite useless. In the same fashion, a mind left to its own devises will ramble and drift this way and that, directing the traffic inside your mind will avoid any major crashes. And clarity of thought will keep the traffic flowing smoothly upon any change worth making highway.