Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hard to hold down,
alighting wherever it likes:
the mind.
Its taming is good.
The mind well-tamed brings ease.

The taming of the mind is a never ending endeavor that gets easier with practice and time. Every obstacle we encounter inspires negative thoughts. When they go unchallenged we're held hostage and terrorized at their leisure. Learning how to silence them and bounce them out of your brain isn't all that hard once you stop playing the victims' role to idle notions inspired by blind panic. Stop telling yourself bull-shit, so the stink can disappear. Escort the negatives to the gutter where they belong, and invite the positives to the penthouse!

Some thoughts soar like birds, and while other's slither like snakes. I hate snakes, so negative thoughts have that image, making it impossible for us to co-exist. If I wouldn't open my front door and invite a serpent into my house, why would I welcome one into my mind? A snake inside my home would be easy to get away from, simply go out and shut the door. A snake in the brain is unavoidable if you give it time to find a place of refuge.

When you least expect it, there it'll sit hissing at you. I don't wait until its tail passes by then grab it and sling it out the nearest exit. I feel its approach and aim a cannon in its direction. First glance and its mince meat, and all the gore is blown back out into the darkness from which it came. Birds need lots of space to soar and safe places to land. A snake free zone is a perfect place of ease. And that's a fact you won't be able to deny if you simply give it a try!!!