Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rest Relations

Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother.
Voltaire, 1694-1778, French Writer and Philosopher

The relationship between rest and boredom is kissing cousin close, but I do not suffer from bouts of the latter. I think it is because my mind is rarely allowed to rest, no matter what the rest of me is doing. I enjoy the simple process of thought so intensely that I am forever entertained. Another possible reason is all the years I spent isolated with no hope of doing anything very interesting.
It was better to learn how not to hunger for what I felt I could never hope to eat. I did not spend my time with my nose pressed against the windows of my imagination finding reasons to be dissatisfied. I learned to experience intense pleasure at the smallest thing, because small things was all I had. Now that my options are wide open, I carry that ability with me. I get all I can out of everything I do.
I sometimes wish for more than is offered, but I accept reality and go on without a mighty struggle to capture what is not willingly given. I do not let what I want devalue what I possess. I am not made bored by what is, by obsessing on what could be. Giving careful attention to every moment lengthens it, so the wondrous ones are electric. My energy wraps around them and sucks them dry of every drop of joy I can possibly feel.
We are a race of thrill seekers. Fun has to be orchestrated, and next weeks installment has to be better than the last or we feel like its not good enough. I watch the frantic search for pleasure of some of my fellow travelers and am glad I do not buy into their ideas of bigger is better.
Bigger is relative. Learning to get a bigger thrill out of a smaller thing is a huge lesson of immense benefit to all students. Study it well, pass it on then boredom will be a much less destructive force. Dissatisfaction begins in the ocean of the mind and poisons all the little fish that brighten our journey.