Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Each Day

Each day comes bearing its gifts. Untie the ribbons.
Ann Ruth Schabader

The way you unwrap the day foretells what you will gain from the living of it. If you hate its dawning, you will rough handle it. If you love daybreak you will embrace it gently. I am always happy to have a new beginning, most mornings lately I am smiling wide before my eyes are even open. I untie the ribbons slowly, and unwrap the gift with special care as not to rip the pretty paper surrounding it. I am well aware that each day is either enriched or spoiled by the seasoning we put on it.
Anything you face with an angry heart and sour attitude is the master of you by default. The hateful things lose their hold when you adjust the way you view their importance. If you hate something that cannot hate you back or feel your spite then what is the point of doing it? If you cannot change it then outwit it internally. Pointless living is soooo...ummm...pointless. Duh!!! Why waste time feeling intense negative emotions over unchangeable realities?
Change it if you can, accept it if you cannot. Rise above it, tunnel under, go around but do not be simply satisfied to let it eat you alive. Face it with grace and you put it in its place. Face it with spite and you give it all the rights. It owns you and steals all it can. Each day is a gift, do not feed it to vultures.
Untie the ribbons slowly with as big a smile as you can summon up. At first try it may be tiny and uncertain. Carefully undo the taped places on the fragile wrappings that surround the gift of one more chance. Let your eyes linger on all the beauty that lays within, ignoring the negatives that tell you why you are not worthy of having such a present. Push away all the things that try to soil what is brand new with left over dirt from all the yesterdays wasted or forsaken.
Each day is a new life waiting to be really lived. Face it, embrace it, own your space, savor the moments, dying will come all too soon, no need to help it along. Love the day enough to validate its dawning with some measure of pleasure and it will return the favor somehow amid all the clutter. But you have to be farsighted enough to seek what is sometimes hidden.