Friday, May 12, 2006

Rights Of Consumption

We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.
George Bernard Shaw

This quote is profound and should make us all remember that any happiness we obtain at the cost of anyone else's torment is tainted and will cost us dear in the end. Every tear we cause out of greed or injustice will be put on our final bill in one fashion or another. The world is full of sharks who eat all they encounter and I get much comfort from knowing that they will pay a higher price for living than the innocence they consume with such pleasure.
I wonder what causes a person to become a shark? Nature or nurture? Are some born predators or is there a process of pain that shapes them into thinking the rest of us are shark bait? I have been eaten, spit out then eaten again often enough to know the intense pain of being someone else's meal. With me it has always been ones who swear their undying love that have done the dirty deed of showing me their stomach lining. Beware of sharks who love you. They not only gulp you down but also eat your young if they can.
I do not hate sharks, even the two who left their teeth marks upon my heart did not earn any hatred from my direction. I mostly feel sorry for them, because they waste their life in a pursuit that kills their own souls. I hate the acts they do. I hate the waste and ugliness they surround themselves with. I hate knowing the water is infested, but to hate them would make them winners.
The ones who chewed here did not put me belly up, they slowed me down some and made me cry for a time, but defeat me..never. I am a stronger swimmer because I shared the water with them. And when they are beached with a crowd of angry victims surrounding them I wont be among the screaming masses there. I was a bright little fish who traveled on and they will never forget how I glistened as I swam. I will not go back to see more pain even if it is theirs. I wish them no pain, I wish them the peace they will never have that I possess in abundance and tried to share with them.