Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No Pessimist

"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit."
Helen Keller

I am always astounded by the wisdom of this blind, deaf, and speechless woman. It makes me a bit sad to think that others with all five senses live their whole lives in a mostly senseless fashion. She was brilliant, imprisoned by health issues, but she found a way to give the world the treasures of her dark silent kingdom. She fought for every inch while others waste the gifts she never possessed. Right on Helen, again and again your words echo, even though they were silently said so long ago.
I am an optimist by nature and by choice, but I have always been attracted to pessimists. My husband was so pessimistic that it kept him firmly in place his whole lifetime. In our later years together some of my optimism rubbed off, but not enough so that he could produce it without my prompting. Hope would not have made his life longer, but it would have made it much richer.
I have unshakable faith in the power of tomorrow. I have belief in everyone's ability to tap into deep wells of energy that lay hidden under the useless things we gather and pile up inside of us. I have hope, because a hopeless life is no life at all. Helen knew by nature, and spent her whole life trying to teach the masses to reach their true potential. She had to overcome odds that would defeat most. The things most of us have to surmount are obstacles we place in our own way.
Hoping can be learned. Belief can be developed. Faith can be discovered. An act soon becomes fact if given the exercise it needs to become strong. Negative natural traits can be curbed and new ways of reacting can be learned. Even the toughest meat can be tenderized with the right handling. Habits come in all flavors, distasteful ones do not have to be ingested forever. Some can be outgrown, some can be outlived, and most can be outwitted. The choice is yours to make. Enlightenment is so empowering. Flip on the light and see all the gifts you possess then use them.
Helen was trapped and she found a way out. My God, if she could do so much with so little how much are we capable of??? Why leave it up to chance??? Why let life be only something that happens to you??? Why not happen to it??? I do, and I am forever optimistic that tomorrow will be better in some fashion than yesterday. Sometimes the improvement is hard to find, but there is always something to be happy about. I would much rather spend my time digging up one small treasure than just sit idle and let myself be buried in bullshit.