Monday, May 08, 2006

A Necessary Start

Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Saint Francis

Actions tumble one against the next if given just a bit of encouragement, like dominoes one act prompts another until the whole deed, or a series of them are accomplished. I have found it very helpful to use tunnel vision whenever possible to allow this option to work its magic. Somehow it is much easier to get things done if I do not look at the mountain that needs climbed, but concentrate upon the next step to be taken.
Looking too far ahead can be overwhelming, so why insure defeat? Confidence in your ability to succeed is a great mountain climbing tool, but it is not simply handed out to everyone, it must be earned by degrees. Every journey begins with a first step; long trips take more time to reach a destination than short ones do, but both require the same starting point.
Necessities are required actions, you may put them off if it suits you, yet they will not simply go away just because you do not act upon them. Usually they build momentum and derail you if they are ignored long enough. There is an effort that goes into no effort at all and its one I just hate. The strength it takes to force a bothersome detail out of my head is most times much more costly than just biting the bullet and getting it done.
Once the gotta do's are out of the way then we can pick something to attempt that requires some imagination. The wanna do's are a lot more enjoyable than the gotta do's and they give so much more than the obvious. Memories of the most vivid sort come from the wanna do's and in the end it is much better to have a hefty wanna do list, with many of them crossed off, even if all of them do not turn out as imagined.
In my golden years I will have a long list of gotta do's that I accomplished. I will also have an endless list of wanna do's that I gave my all to, which hopefully should limit my wish I'd done this or that list to very few. What better reason to push that first domino over than the chance of reaching a point of few regrets.
I got notice of a new flash movie, so I am adding a link here for it. The message is worth the view. Enjoy, I did!