Thursday, May 18, 2006

Flight Training

We learn to fly not by becoming fearless, but by the daily practice of courage
Sam Keen

Fear is a natural state; each of us fear at a different level and we also fear different things. The overcoming of fright, fearing but acting in spite of terror, inspires an altered state where all real and spiritual knowledge is not only possible, but also quite inevitable. Being totally frightless is a human impossibility, yet learning how to control the power given to it is essential to a full life.
I have noticed that the hardest fears to overcome are the ones others place inside of you. When you doubt yourself and someone seconds that emotion somehow, a negative is reinforced times two. The more you hear and see it, the more you buy into the bullshit. It is a good thing that I believe any fear can be overcome or I would be a mouse still with a shadow life.
I fear, but I mostly ignore its pull. I fear not really living enough to control the hold it has on me. I refuse to tie myself in knots over what MIGHT happen, knowing that if I begin that process NOTHING will ever be different than it was yesterday. I do not fear the past, its hold ends with each new dawning day. I do not fear the present, it is my reality whatever it may be. I do not fear the future, it would gladly steal my today.
I am careful what I give my energy to. Name something and you give it life. You create or tear down with the words used and the names uttered. I take care not to name what I have not learned how to control within my own space, doing so would only invite defeat. I do not fear defeat, but I certainly will not willingly invite it to occur.
I fly, soaring above the point where fear longs to keep me trapped. I sometimes land hard, but even when I do, I come away from it stronger somehow. Chicken Little has no right to my life, so fear is a domain where I will never live. If I crash land, so what, at least I can say I had the nerve to really soar.