Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Good Part Behind

He who is outside the door has already got a good part of his journey behind him.
Dutch Proverb

Finding a door, or building one is a journey all in itself. Struggling toward a place of reckoning is half the war, but being the first battle gives it the point position. The time spent wrestling yourself door-side is a true test of what kind of commitment you will give to reach and embrace whatever changes wait beyond its barrier.
Without alterations life just stays the same, or maybe a better way of saying it is that without growth there is no need to alter anything. The battles with yourself are some of the hardest you will ever fight, but they are of such a noble origin that it is an honor to face the test and empowering to achieve victory.
It is much easier to just go on with a negative than it is to change it into a positive. Simply said, growth takes guts. The battlefield is internal, opponents two sides of the same being; one side aches to explore, the other set in its ways and stubborn toward change. Others can support your efforts, but the battle is really yours alone to win or lose. The credit or blame rests at your feet, making it all the more vital that you succeed.
When you stand poised to cross the threshold, the strength gained to get that far will enable the next step taken. Lifting your foot is not an easy undertaking, but it is much easier than what was suffered to get to the stepping over place. Few people who reach this far ever fail to travel on. The worst is over and true victory a doorway away.