Sunday, March 05, 2006


Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
Napoleon Hill

I can remember the years when I did not dare to dream. Simple survival took so much energy back then, wistful notions just intensified my melancholy to unmanageable limits. Hopelessness had me by the short hairs, plodding footsteps carried me from one heartache to the next. Hope hurt. Wishes wounded. I had no space for such things inside a mind overburdened with worry and fear.
I finally reached the point of no return. One moment I was totally defeated, the next I was enraged beyond belief. In the time it took to blink twenty years of suppressed emotions sprang to life in an overwhelming torrent that shook me soul deep. I was suddenly certain that if I did not make a stand I would be dooming myself to be forever satisfied with the status quo.
I believe the notion of being at a crossroads where there would be no turning back made it impossible to choose the wrong path. How could anyone possibly opt for pain without end when another road was so clearly highlighted? I took responsibility for my part in the drama and altered the role I was willing to play from eternal victim to wounded warrior. I was suddenly fighting for more than the simple right to survive, I was battling for the chance to thrive.
At first the things dreamed of were simple and direct. Most of the footsteps taken have been clearly illuminated by understanding of cause and effect. Once a destination was chosen the pathway did not become any easier, in fact it became much harder. When times get brutal I often remind myself that a difficult journey to somewhere worth reaching is much better than mindless travel anywhere else.
Simply knowing you are walking through a mine field is no protection, but mapping the danger insures more confident passage. Find your strengths and exercise them. Search out your weakness and avoid places where they will be tested. Failure is often self-inflicted, because success can prove to be such a frightening force to be reckoned with.
Dreaming no longer wounds me as it once did. Dreams fuel my every footstep, notions brought to life are joyous endeavors nowadays. The only differences between having a dream or possessing a reality are the actions necessary to create it. First you have to see it then you can be it. Never stop dreaming, because dreams are what a life worth living is made of.