Friday, March 10, 2006

Stormy Oceans

No one would ever have crossed the ocean if he could have gotten off the ship in the storm.
Charles Kettering

There have been times during my lifetime when jumping ship seemed the only chance for survival. On several occasions I stood trembling against the rail, trying to gather the nerve needed for the leap. I rarely even got a leg over before I chickened out, but the only time I regret staying on board are times when my doing so put others in the direct line of danger. Regret is mostly useless though, like using an umbrella once the rain has stopped.
Even the most negative journey can end up at a positive destination. The lessons I learned about my ability to weather stormy seas are the bounty awarded for the effort given. Each rough crossing, between present and future, earned me more of self than I possessed upon departure. Familiarity breeds contempt so hard trips became much easier with practice makes perfect precision. Deep down I believe we ought to celebrate the lesson, instead of fretting about the bruises we receive while struggling to stay afloat. Bruises heal, but lessons last a lifetime.
I jumped ship yesterday, but am more than willing to reboard as soon as the mutiny is at an end. Nobody likes to ride on a ship that is doing nothing more than circling in place. I do not stress over rough crossings, but when shipmates are at odds it is too much pressure to hang on for dear life and dodge sucker punches at the same time.