Monday, November 28, 2005

Walking Between The Lines

The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed.
Gordon Parks

I travel that line, unafraid of failure. And my success is assured, but its scope is not. I can affect the heights I reach in a way nobody else can. How far I travel will be on me. Can I stay the course? Will I put all my energy into making my future secure enough so that I can continue doing what I was meant to do? There is no hesitation in my answer... YES I CAN, OF COURSE I WILL.
First of all, I do not fold under weight. I expand in unlimited ways with pressure applied by something that I must learn about to reach my goals. I expand in the same fashion from pressure directed by others with my needs and goals in mind. I am both a teacher and a student in this endeavor and all others that I tackle. And that was the case long before I was even aware of it. I faced the fire over and over and not only survived, but thrived.
I was silent for such a long time, but my mind kept a perfect play by play. I gave all for twenty years to a cause that deserved not over a minute or two of my time once the pattern was set. And I kept at it long enough to turn it around to a more comfortable fit. It was not perfect, by any means, but for ten years I did not have to duck fists, suffer verbal attacks, or edit anything I said.
I am one of the walking wounded who found a purpose worthy of dreaming about as I suffered and toiled. I took my own pain and came to terms with it and my own role in it. My steps have not been wasted; even missteps are utilized for the lessons learned, so do not imagine me an angel. I am just a woman who has had a devil of a time and possesses enough talent with words to make my dream come true. I walk between the lines, never imagining failure as my final destination.
I do not fear anything with more intensity than the notion that I could ever simply become satisfied with settling in place. There is just so much left to learn, teach, and experience to allow any ruts to develop. I am driven to succeed for my own sake as well as yours. My words strengthen some and gentle others, according to their need. And they come from someplace deep and primal, because they touch me in the same fashion. I was driven to this path and the only way to fail is to abandon it.
Follow your dreams. Anyone who reads here on a regular basis and enjoys what I offer has dreams. Make them reality. If not now...when?