Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi Irving Good
The Scientist Speculates (1962)US biochemist (1893 - 1986)

Point of view is something most people do not dwell on overlong and in the process of overlooking its importance they miss so many things that would explain so much. When someone acts in a certain way the reason behind it is more telling than the act itself. And understanding their point of view can fine tune an impression into a more forgiving conclusion.
When someone acts out and your feelings are raw, take a moment to look deeper. You may have done a small deed that wounded them without realizing it would hurt them at all. You may have done nothing at all, except be in the path of someone else's frustration. If you are innocent in intent or blameless by innocence, why take instance offence. Pain pours out of people in many fashions and most of them are not pretty. Do not accept the blame if it is not yours, but do not lose sight of the fact that something lit the fireworks.
Hints about the location and length of the fuse will be there. All it takes to begin seeing deeper is a willingness to put yourself in their place for a moment. Most people are starved for someone to really understand without judgment. Do not grade or invade where gentle observation and an open mind will work better to mend whatever is suddenly broken. I have often found that by not adding to the mess a door naturally opens, allowing clarity and compromise.
The man on the mountain top in the picture has a unique point of view. But then again so does everyone else. Where you stand and how you got there matters and if the people you are close to have a clear vision of where you are coming from they can better aid you to where you are going.