Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Oblivion Of Apathy

Apathy is a sort of living oblivion.
Horace Greeley

The word apathy means indifference, and oblivion is defined as the state of being totally lost and forgotten. None of the words used in this quote inspire images of a life worth the living. Passion for life, inspires an internal excitement that lifts you up above everyday cares, and if you are watchful its effect upon others soon becomes evident.
Joy gives off an energy that draws attention in ways nothing else does. I was gifted with about a dozen smiles today that I would not have received if I had been apathetic in my attitude. Complete strangers responded to my energy in a positive way, which tells me that what I feel inside shows on the outside.
I fear the oblivion I used to live in enough to guard against it ever returning. I carry extra smiles and hand them out as I travel along, brightening the landscape I travel through. It is not the trip that matters so much as the vehicle you travel in. Today my carriage was powered with excitement and it showed.
Watch other faces and notice how they respond to your reflection, when they gaze your way. If you see little or nothing it just might be because you are reflecting little or nothing of worth. Maybe they see only apathy. Reflect something worth seeing and you will be blessed with a much more beautiful landscape, no matter your location.