Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Stick Till It Gets There

Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to a thing till it gets there.
Billings Josh

The glue humans use to stick to a thing till it gets there is determination. The more you apply the stickier you become. Persistent willpower produces the strongest kind of adhesive, keeping us anchored to task until completed. But it must be smeared on by choice with firm strokes, not simply talked about with strong words.
Some things we need glued to because they are chores, other's require paste due to the fear they inspire. The tasks we dread utilize one kind of cement, the changes we fear demand quite another. Knowing the difference and applying the correct strength better guarantees the usefulness of our determination.
The drive to do something, even though at times you would rather not do them, needs no glue. Stopping the natural flow of fated things is impossible. Those items seem to come pre-glued and trying to un-stick them is pointless. I could no more stop what I do here, at Journey's End, than I could cease breathing just by holding my breath.
Use whatever glue is necessary to stick to a thing till it gets there. Spread it on thick enough to last for as long as needed, so that return to sender does not get stamped upon your efforts.