Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Common Mistake

It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive.
Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854-1934)

The world is multi layered, with things easily seen, covering others that must be dug up to be examined. Everything around us has roots leading to something deeper. What is seen is just the tiniest tip of an ever growing iceberg. But way too many of us wear blinders that keep out true perception. I was once among that group, but each minute that passes brings me ever nearer to true understanding of things I sense all around. It may seem easier to be short sighted, yet it is only an illusion that will steal all your possibilities.
At the moment I am doing some much needed house cleaning of a mind over crowded with fears placed there by hands not my own. It is high time to grow beyond the boundaries of the past in this regard. I have many lessons to learn that cannot be encompassed by a brain filled with senseless fears, rooted in past events. As long as I allow them to hold me tight, I will be frozen in this place. And that is not my way. No matter how painful the growing pains become I am determined to suffer them as bravely as possible.
I stumble on, making strides, making mistakes, making misteps that beg instantly to be retraced. I cry out with a silent scream that only one set of ears has had the perfect pitch to understand. I cherish the validation and strive to overcome the things that hold me back. No matter what occurs I will never be the same from the experience of being so thoroughly understood.
My perception has been adjusted to a fever pitch. But I still have a lifetime of study and practice ahead of me. As each veil of the past is torn away and tossed aside, my sight will broaden to include a deeper level of understanding. And I welcome each new insight. I am almost finished with hindsight; foresight has become my new master. And true perception is my creed. The sky is not the limit; there are no limits to the space I inhabit now, unless I place them there.
I am sure that many misteps will come along the journey. But knowing them when I see them will only make me turn around more quickly. Retracing steps is no shame when your destination is the right track that you stepped off of by mistake. The only mistakes to regret are the ones you did nothing to rectify. And I hope to possess none of that sort.