Monday, August 22, 2005

Praise And Blame

One who praises you for qualities you lack will next be found blaming you for faults not yours. Ali

I am always astonished by the sheer number of people who set themselves up as judge and jury for their fellowman. When heads are counted there, mine will not be among them. The gall necessary to imagine myself good enough to be God like is more than I will ever produce. If you have ever been unjustly condemned, I guess you know better than to condemn others.
Old wrongs should be dead issues once admitted and sorrowed over. The benefit of a doubt should be gifted to people whenever possible, but life is not quite so simple for some. God will judge me someday and I will try not to flinch away from the things He brands me guilty of, and accept with grace any praise earned, no matter how small.
Be gentle with one another; knowledge of what really lays behind what is apparent, at first glance, and what is buried deep is something between each of us and our creator. How you judge others is the measure that you will suffer too. Tread carefully the road to judgment, or you chance making things harder on yourself as well as the one you so loftily criticize.