Saturday, June 04, 2005

Share Your Flame

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.
Margaret Fuller author & editor (1810 - 1850)

When I discover a simple truth I am all too happy to share it, not to prove my wisdom but to spare others the pain involved in learning it first hand. If someone else has a better map for traveling through unknown territory I am happy to study it before just blundering blind into unfamiliar surroundings. I do not consider my way as the only way, but I do incorporate my comfort zone into anything I attempt to do. I am not above learning from others, yet I am not simply a sheep who follows the crowd. I am nobody's clone.
Nowadays networking is a huge thing. We pick minds for shortcuts on everything we do, using that same technique on self related issues is just smart. I am less educated than most in some ways, yet better learned in others. The balance works for me, but I am always ready to be taught and eager to learn. And I have no agenda that demands you do anything special to receive my attention, or all the writing I do here would not be accessible with just a click.
I am not some famous person who is making another buck by giving advice to the masses. I am quite ordinary, just like a lot of you who read here. And so far the experience has cost me, not paid me. But to me it is not about fame or fortune. It is about comfort and walking the lifepate that belongs to me, no matter what it costs, I am driven to do it.
I was an unmarried mother just two weeks after my eighteenth birthday. I was a high school dropout. I was a abused wife. I was a failure at protecting my children from abuse. I was a nurses aide, who in the end nursed my mate from illness to death bed and beyond. I was a widow, who walked wounded in plain view of all. I was, I was, I was. Was, was long ago, a lot of miles have been traveled since then, and many more to come. I will never be satisfied to stagnate in place.
I am is where I live now. My purpose is clear to me, even if I am not sure of my destination, I am always certain of my direction. If something I say lights a candle inside another mind or heart then the path gets better lighted for us both. The more that travel together to a worthy spot the better illuminated it is.