Sunday, February 20, 2005

Listening To Voices

One step at a time is how I have traveled from the beginning of this odyssey. As one level has been mastered the next became my new challenge. As one demon was killed the following readied for battle. Discovering an issue then lifting it up out of my trunk always uncovered the object below it. Even today I find things that demand change if I am to walk on.
Walking on is a conscious choice. It is a constant demand my soul makes so that someday it will be in the drivers seat without other hands on the wheel. That voice will never take me to dangerous places, but body, mind, or heart often put me in situations I should avoid. Most days my soul speaks with the loudest voice, not as often as I want thus far, but as I said I am a work in progress.
It is a exercise in balance. As long as I listen to my soul and seek for perfect balance there, every other part of me will find peace as well. Taking the time to get acquainted with that voice is the best investment I ever made. Any journey worth taking must begin there. Which voice is navigating really matters to the destination reached and the cost of getting there.