Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Life Worth Living

Change is so exciting. To grow means change, demands change, deserves change, eventhough it can be very frightening too. Stopping old tired habits leave empty spaces that have to be refilled with something. Filling choices are limitless once the fear of change is conquered. I still fear at times, but I ignore its frosty fingers and dare to grow.
An awakening makes it impossible to stand stationary. You need not change the location of your home, but changing the location of self is mandatory. If you honor the magic of who you are then placing importance in what makes you happy just comes natural.
An awakening usually comes during a dark moment of hopelessness. Mine came during my darkest, and I Thank God every day for that hellish low that forced me almost instantly upward. A lifetime of trying to please everyone else with nothing to show for my effort was the fate I left behind, without regret.
I pick and choose what I fill the empty spaces with now. Sometimes I choose wisely, sometimes not, but at least I can say that the choices are all mine and not given to anyone else to waste. I steer this ship. If you are not at the helm, I hope you carefully consider who is. And why. I did and regret nothing about the mutiny that gained me a life worth living.