Wednesday, February 16, 2005

First Thoughts

I am almost a pro at directing my thoughts to a happy place. I have trained myself to see the best side of even my worst reality, since it seems to me that being downhearted only adds volume to the shit happens portion of my life. The only thoughts I have no control over are first thoughts.
They wake me up at 5am. They drive me out of a warm comfy bed into this cold hard chair. They demand I write. They boggle my brain instantly alert. And they cast a gentle light over the rest of the day. What positive they add to my existence earns them a place of honor that has up until now been mostly ignored.
When I make my bed in just a few minutes I will place a notebook and a favorite pen under the stack of pillows beside mine where no head lays. Tomorrow morning I will be slower to rise and write here. I will let first thoughts free-flow until the flood is over then pick and choose from among them for a topic instead of grabbing the first one so hard that I close the tap altogether.
First thoughts come from deep inside. As conscious thought patterns slumber the mind and soul take over without having to fight for space. My first thoughts to me are soul images that can not be glimpsed any other way. And they are some of the most interesting notions I ever have.
Pay attention to first thoughts. Give yourself time before you face the day to become more acquainted with how your mind works while you are free-wheeling. Who knows what lessons your brain is trying to learn while you slumber. Heaven only knows what your soul is trying to teach you as you wake. I for one am looking forward to this exercise. Lets do it together and share what we learn.