Thursday, January 20, 2005

You Can Always Find Me Here

I have made many valuable and precious friends via the internet. If my computer crashed and could not be brought back to life I would certainly miss interacting with them.
I have met both frog and prince here, and been disappointed by each. I have met angels and demons and had an impact on both. I have created a place of my own where others can visit and find comfort. I did it for frog and prince, for angel and demon, for friend and foe in equal measure.
My door is open to each in the same way. I built this quiet place for all, using words to inspire calm and rational actions in a world gone mad.
If I can not be found anywhere else, I will always be here, trying to enlighten others about dangers I have faced or mountains I have scaled then flagged. I pray that many save themselves some senseless pain, by allowing my aches to pay their way for a few miles at least.
It somehow lightens my step to hear the echo of others and eases my pain to sooth wounds not my own. Journeys End is pay it forward activated. Sharing enlightenment is like lighting a candle in someone else's hand and having them do the same. Before long the landscape is dotted with small pools of light that go a long way toward making the world a brighter place.