Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Layer Strength

Well, it is day 16 and I am still on task and smoke free. I go to the gym regularly now too, which is turning out to be such a positive thing in my life. It helps me to work off any nervousness and aggression that comes from detox. It helps me to keep my weight in check. It gives me change in action. It makes me feel more in control. To grow causes evolution. Today is fuller than yesterday because growth is healthy, I am stronger in body and mind due to my change of focus.
People are layered beings. To ignore any part weakens the whole, but tending to each in turn strengthens all. I love the gym so much that I plan on making it a lifetime change. There are people of all ages and abilities there, so I will always fit in somewhere. And tending body will be a habit in no time at all, as vital as the cigarettes used to be. I focus on positives and this is a new passion, effort and pleasure in equal measure.
I do not wish to focus on only the heartaches of life, which I see as inevitable, but on healing, which I see as voluntary. You can always choose how you travel, even though you can not always choose the terrain you travel through. Validate your heartaches with knowledge gleamed from agony then detox. Rid yourself of the echoes of pain by changing focus. Exercise healthy growth and I will see you all at harvest time.