Thursday, January 27, 2005

Middle Ground

Just so everyone knows, things brought to journey's end of a personal nature are tended to with a private touch. I may not always answer comments in post form for every eye to see, but I do always answer them. Some things are not meant for public consumption.
Heartaches are important, no matter the type of wounding, or who held the weapon. But I do not spell everything out in tiny detail for a reason. This place is a place of healing. I will dig as deeply as necessary into solutions, but dwelling upon my own countless woundings in minute detail at this stage of my healing, and in this forum is not an option.
As far as I can tell emotional pain comes in two forms. The ones other's cause, and the ones you cause yourself. If I share the salve that helped me heal both types that has much more value than simply showing you pictures of gaping holes inspired by either. If I say enough to convice you that I know what walking wounded feels like at different stages of healing and you pay it forward by examining your own pain in a hopeful way then that is a huge way to use this space. And to use it to its fullest new readers should start reading in the archives from first post to last by date. Some questions asked are already answered there, and my own growth is visible in action that way. Reading from today on is like starting a book in the middle.
I wake up every morning thinking new thoughts about ordinary subjects. I freefall with delight. I share that experience gladly. This mornings waking thought consisted of two questions. What keeps me awake? What puts me to sleep? If I consider them with enough attention to detail I can write about them soon. Keep reading, I will keep writing, and we can continue meeting on middle ground.