Saturday, January 01, 2005

The First Day

This is the first day of a brand new year, and on this day like no other that will follow of the next 364 it is a reminder for us all of the wondrous possibilities of fresh starts and new beginnings. That is something that can happen at any moment during a lifetime, but this moment in time belongs to us all in a special way. It offers a shared awareness of all that is past and all that is yet to come.
Collective thoughts from around the world reach backward then forward in a magic dance that brings us all to the same place at one time. Unifying the human race both friend and stranger, all religions, all people each in their own way ask, "What next?"
My own what next is as uncertain as anyone's, but where I am able I will steer my steps away from tired old patterns that only bring pain. I will follow the path that soothes my soul, or makes it soar, even if it asks sacrifices not comfortable to make. I will be true to self and view that as a victory no matter what this year brings me. I will pass by the possible and reach for more, because to do less would stop my journey long before I wish it to end.
On this first day of the rest of my life I am reaffirming my path to help who I can by giving some aide to my fellow man that involves more than what I do here. The Tsunami victims that suffer as I can only imagine need more than simple words. Putting the prayer here was only my first step. On this first day I am celebrating my new year by putting
thought into solid action by sending what funds I can. I have very little, but I have more than enough to share with a people who through no fault of their own are victims of nature. Someday I might be in the wrong place at the wrong time and need a helping hand.
Beside the Tsunami Disaster Prayer flash movie of my 12-30 post there is a point to click that will take any who wish to follow me on a similar path. Sing Cher gathered 36 possibilities where we who have so much can give to this tragic effort. To any I have given comfort to consider paying it forward toward easing the terrible burden these people carry.
The future is uncertain, but if I do all I can in the present to step proudly toward whatever waits there then I can truly live up to my potential. Life is a precious gift, here's to opening it slowly enough to appreciate the experience and carefully enough to avoid unnecessary breakage. Here's to life and the living of it without regret.