Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"Inside every older person is a younger person -- wondering what the heck happened."
Cora Harvey Armstrong

Age is such a funny thing, seeming a concept much more often than it resembles reality. A number is just that, and words on official papers fade with the years. Some of us age at hyper speed and some drag their feet.
I say why rush to be aged, why hurry to be old, why run toward the rocking chair if you can choose a more productive or exciting destination. If we live long enough we will get old, if we live fully we will be well-aged, and if we are lucky our body will crumble long before our mind ceases to function.
There is an eternal teenager inside of each of us; some let it steer, some smother it into submission, some deny its existence, but the wise among us validate it by looking through those magical eyes from time-to-time. Yes, we risk the horror of suddenly remembering our age on paper, but we also have the chance of reclaiming how young we still remain.
I do not dwell on paper age, either with myself or my friends. It says very little about my reality, it is just a concept after all, and tells no major things of importance about my life. Yes, I am 52 on paper, but older in experience, younger at heart, ageless of soul, so which is the true measure??
I will not waste my time acting out someone else's idea of how my paper age should behave. I will not age my heart or shrivel my soul for the sake of conformity. I will be a crazy quilt of all the ages I possess and in that way stay less fractured than most. And when I hit that rocking chair I will have some precious memories to contemplate, but that is surely eon's from the here and now. Hell, I don't even own a rockin chair yet and I'm in no hurry to obtain one if it dooms me to a stationary position in the stunted space of my paper age.