Sunday, July 09, 2006

"There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less."
Kurt Hahn

This quote is so true and I needed to remember its message. I am days and days behind in my writing, after a crash and burn moment or two dealing with some hard realities. In my confusion I forgot to do what always helps. For just a short time I overlooked who I am, and what makes me tick...tick...tick. I am made of much stronger stuff than anything that pushes against my space. My orbit will return to its rightful tilt if I just keep that reality at the top of the list I am struggling through.
I am not one to settle for crumbs for long. I give all, but if nothing comes back I limit the length of service given to any lost cause. As my soul-mate says, "I own this place." Renting it to fools seems a waste of pristine space, and each of us is pristine in our own fashion.
Settling is for dust. Humans are not made to settle without a price that is steeper than any of us can afford, if happiness is the our destination. I have had many moments in my lifetime where settling for whatever I was given was almost costly enough to kill my soul. How I lived through some is a mystery, how I thrived through others is a miracle, but the fact that I did should encourage everyone who reads here.
I am nothing special, no more human than the next person and if I can do it anyone else can too. All it really takes is determination to own what really belongs to you. I do not mean material things at all. I do not value manufactured products in a personal way, having none I would truly pine for except my computer. I only put it above the rest because of my writing, and the people I reach through its practice. What I truly value are the mostly hidden things inside each of us.
Life is so precious, even when it is less than perfect, and we are too. The real trick is internal balance and harmony. I found the place inside of me where the control switches are and nothing can truly defeat me as long as I stay within reach of them. Settling demands that you hand control over to someone else and that is never healthy in the long run. I learned that the hard way, from more than one source, but I finally have it centered at the top of my list of things to always remember... no matter what else I do forget.