Saturday, July 01, 2006

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."
Charles A. Beard

The darkest times have a habit of resetting priorities, suddenly ordinary things develop a new importance. Small pleasures are sweeter, larger ones become almost magical, people seem more precious, and each beckons with a brilliance that was unnoticeable before this space of deepest shadow.

In truth, they are no more vital to our happiness than they were before. They simply look bigger from our stunted position. We retreat deeper inside ourselves when storm clouds appear, withstanding the next tempest is much easier if the time spent there is used wisely. There is so much clarity in a place where we are forced to face ourselves without mask or costume.
The dawning of understanding is only one of the positives that glimmer and shine while we stumble through an eclipse. Using the things that suddenly shine with such brilliance, against the backdrop of adversity, to navigate by is the only way to travel safely. Do not underestimate the illumination that comes from starlight alone. Sailors have always used them as guides. Prudent travelers learn to pilot their vessels in the same fashion, minimizing the amount of time spent drifting at the whim of the weather. THINK ABOUT IT... LET IT RIDE...THEN YOU DECIDE!!!