Friday, June 09, 2006

All beginnings require that you unlock a new door.
Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav

This quote is beautifully true, but I feel driven to add my own spin to the good Rabbi's theme. Every ending has a door as well, no matter how we may wish otherwise. The promise behind door # 2 should be sheltered from any lurking demons from behind door # 1, so lock the one before you dare to open the other. We don't stop eating mid-meal because we hunger for dessert. Nobody walks through muck then marches onto sparkling floorboards. The reasoning behind finishing one task before we start another is aimed at giving us the best chance of success of each so we don't fail at both.

Locking the old one is made more difficult by any of our unresolved issues or left behind lessons. Tidy up where you can and mend what you're able before shutting the door firmly and turning the key. The past will always be behind you, unless you revisit it voluntarily. If you've done everything humanly possible to put the past into a more perfect perspective then toss that key to kingdom come.  Always set things as secure as possible before flinging open any avenue that leads to better days and happier tomorrows. Locking the old door and getting rid of the key are brilliant measures of self defense.

It's not a crime to keep yourself safe from whatever may lurk in your past, so don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Once your back is firmly turned, you're safe enough. Don't allow one too many glances backward to undo all your hard work. If there comes a time when you're not determined enough to keep going forward at least keep facing in that direction. Take a break in place... take a few cleansing breaths... take time to pray for strength... hell, take a nap if necessary. But never look for what's long gone and ignore what's truly possible. 

I've seen people use a revolving door that leads nowhere sane. I've watched them continue to spin in place for years, even though they're never satisfied where it leads. I do what I can to alter their mindset to more positive actions. I know that change is possible because it happened inside of me. I did that stupid spin myself for much too long to waste more time now on the same fools errand. I may spin for a moment from time-to-time,  but after a few turns I say screw this nonsense and jump to solid ground. Slam, insert, turn, twist, and run like hell is a much saner list of actions than spinning in place till you fall over.

A dead horse won't rise, no matter what force is used to kick it. Sleeping dogs should be tiptoed past unless you're wanting to be bitten.  Life goes on and on and endlessly on, so why walk the same tired path to nowhere worth being when so much territory is still unexplored?