Saturday, June 10, 2006

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.
Stephen R. Covey

This is a truism of staggering importance. When I hear the statement, "I'm only human" I get frustrated at the shortsightedness this bland statement implies. I think it's been overused to explain away negative behaviors. I don't subscribe to the, "boys will be boys" qualifier either. Doing the right thing would be much easier if so many handy exits weren't scattered within reach. When we make humanness and childlessness the scapegoat we never have reason enough to grow past a very shallow level.

Religion and spirituality intertwine in the dictionary definition, but  I don't automatically equate being spiritual with any organized religion. Whether or not a soul is housed inside of a religious persons body is of little concern to me. We each possess one even if we never enter a church. How we honor God and treat our fellowman isn't dependent in any fashion upon church attendance. By attending faithfully to your own souls hunger for peace and promoting wholeness in others you truly carry a place of worship wherever you go.  

We're all soul based and its sickness or health either heals or infects all our many human parts. Keeping it healthy is something that we too often ignore. We stumble along sick at heart, and weary of mind without knowing that by simply paying attention to what is going on deep inside will give us relief. We look for a pill to fix it or seek someone special to fill the emptiness inside of us, when we would be better off tending to it in the good old fashioned way.

God is only a whisper away. It isn't necessary to hunt Him down inside of a man made building. I'm not saying that church isn't important or valuable... but I am saying that when you cant get to one why not become one. Value your soul enough to let it blossom then tend it with love and distribute its blooms where they're most needed.

When in doubt simply listen to what your soul tells you and it'll lead you to what it needs to be cured of the things that ail it. Validate it by paying attention to the wisdom it possesses. Embrace its eternal quality and value its strength. Give it what it seeks and peace will belong to you in ways you never imagined. Defend it and it'll be a haven, no matter what else is clamoring for attention in your life. Dismiss the excuse of being human and fully embrace being spiritual.