Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? Vincent Van Gogh

The answer to that is a no-brainer, if nothing is ever attempted then nothing is ever gained. Losses would be final. By the time adulthood was reached we would all be hopelessly entombed in lives little better than walking death. Progress on the planet and inside ourselves would be unheard of, and pointless would be the best that could be said about living. Satisfaction with the status-quo guarantees nothing will ever change; not only locking the door on any opportunity for growth, but nailing it tight against any random key that may exist. Orbiting inside of a one-size-fits-all atmosphere should never even be an option, let alone a normal way to travel. A mountain should be viewed as a challenge, not a wall. Doesn't your life deserves the same distinction? Aren't we all worthy of more than more of the same ole' shit? 

Thank God that life isn't like that unless we demand nothing of ourselves. Hey, if you truly crave a portion of that stale pie, you can have my helping as well; being satisfied with the least I can get has always been my biggest fear. Without the climb you miss out on a view that makes all your pain bearable. Trying is the only key, and each of us owns one. Change isn't for the weak at heart or the weak kneed. There are ever present risks involved, but rewards also litter the landscape. Fear of failure shouldn't be in control or success will always elude your grasp. Always keep in mind that anything can be overcome if you refuse to be overwhelmed. Not easily... some things take back-breaking effort. Not quickly... rush jobs always need repair, so take the time it needs to do it right. Not blindly... without paying attention to where you're headed you'll likely end up somewhere you never wanted to go.

Courage doesn't mean the absence of fear. You can be trembling like a leaf in the breeze and still be courageous. It takes a ton of it to act in spite of the fear you feel. Each and every terror I've ever faced has been less frightening face-to-face than the way it was imagined beforehand. And the ones I ran from only chased me until I turned and finally dealt with them. The ones I ignored attacked me while I slumbered. The ones I stood toe-to-toe with always shrunk in equal measure to my rising up. A determined mindset, or lack thereof is what dictates how they appear. Be courageous enough to stop magnifying their dimensions and watch them shrink to a manageable size.

Bravery is not as hard as it seems when you realize that what you fear is unequal to the human spirit. Whatever happens it's always better to attempt courage and try to get past the bogeyman. He won't just vanish because you wish him away, but he'll cut and run most times when you call his cowardly bluff.