Saturday, April 01, 2006

Poor Substitutes

"Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth."

Most people want to be seen in the best possible light, but if there is nothing behind the image it is just a mask that any stiff breeze can toss aside. Some false faces are painted vivid and bright, yet fade quickly without any inner illumination. Sometimes outer beauty only becomes evident after meeting the spirit housed inside. A fair appearance can turn ugly with one puff of wind, and a homely one can be made gorgeous by a flattering illumination. If I had to choose between outer beauty and inner goodness I would much rather be ugly as sin on the outside than blackened by it soul deep.
The clothes do not make the man, although our eyes may be drawn to a fashionable appearance. The costume of a man does not insure manhood. Charm can be parroted, but grace is beyond a birds understanding. In life the actions you perform during quiet moments are more telling than anything done while on display.
When highlighting the advantages we possess it is much more illuminating to adjust the glow from within than to line the stage with floodlights. And it has been my observation that a shifty soul looks out through darting eyes that never gaze deeply into any mirror. They may contemplate one feature at a time or evaluate the total picture, but avoid direct eye contact with themselves. People who cannot look with honesty upon their own reflection need not try to evaluate anyone else's, but they are often the first to criticize.
Look more deeply and gently upon others, overlooking the obvious. Place more importance with what is visible behind eyes than fashion of dress. A king dressed in rags is still regal, but no matter how richly dressed a jester is he remains foolish in actions and intent. Real class comes from inside. And real beauty is so much more then just skin deep.