Thursday, March 16, 2006

Unsettling Dreams

Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't.
Brett Butler, 'Knee Deep in Paradise'

That is an understatement of pure fact. There is a price paid for success that is not charged for failure. Suddenly having something so weighty to live up to can humble in ways nothing else can. Dream weaving is delightful, dream living is almost too much to wrap your mind around sometimes, but well worth the brief moments of sheer terror that occur when you think on it too hard.
The intensity of a dream made reality is unimaginable. There is a magical quality to everything you do inside the space you create to match one imagined during quiet contemplation. Once any dream is made real a whole new world opens up for you. The awareness that you are a creator makes going back to how things were before an impossibility. Unsettling yes, but never more alive or aware of every heartbeat. Any dream made real holds the same key to enlightenment.
Dreams come in many shapes and sizes, there are no one size fits all fantasy's. A dream can be as simple as a wish for a quiet walk in the woods or as complex as a public walk upon the moon. Some dreams are obtainable in an instant, others can take a lifetime to accomplish, but none of them come true on their own.
Dream big or small; without dreams we live wooden stiff lives. After you dream do not just file them away like fairy tales upon a dusty bookshelf. Think, really think about things that would need to be done to make it fact. Choose the easiest deed first and do it right away then go on to another, looking at one step at a time as you do, do, do them. As you watch it all unfold, enlightenment rising from every crease, life will have a whole new promise. And dreams will have a whole new meaning.