Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Write Right

Write injuries in sand, kindnesses in marble.
French Proverb

The urge to hold a grudge never rears its ugly head inside of me. Embracing the negative is not a habit I ever want to pick up. But a period of distance, a measure of time, and some scar tissue are needed on some occasions to make things right again. I do not forget, if trust is broken, yet I do not refuse to relate on the highest level possible inside the new boundaries.
Setting safe perimeters is a good thing, for all involved, whenever further pain is possible. Wiping the slate clean does not mean that things function in the same fashion that created the situation. Mutual respect of space owned by all involved parties makes this an easier task, but can certainly be done by one even if the other refuses to get past it. And many will do so during a lifetime. I just do not have any wish to be one of them.
Writing a kindness in marble is easy and automatic, but I need to practice some of the things that I have let fall behind in some of my personal relationships. I need to call some people who love me that I have not spoken to in much too long, and that is a task already begun. I need to reestablish a rhythm with my best friend that is sorely missed on both our parts. I need to stroll down the marble path and read all the names and deeds listed and reclaim my status there. To go forward I have to take with me the things worth carrying.