Friday, February 24, 2006

The Road

The road leading to a goal does not separate you from your destination; it is essentially a part of it.
Roman proverb

Reaching that road is a destination, in itself; path finding is a goal worthy of number one status on everyone's list. Dreams float by, but simply imagining will not create their reality. We linger on thoughts, make mental promises then forsake them without undue bother. Good intentions will not get the job done, although it does help with the process. Gathering the determination to set your feet upon any path with a purpose is not an easy undertaking.
Having a goal and struggling toward it alters us, forcing growth that is not always comfortable. The road is often invisible, walking on faith in where you are headed makes stepping possible at such times. When we choose a path it becomes, in a sense, an extension of self. How we step and what we walk over or around are colored by every step we have ever taken.
Some of us never pick a path, but if we do not exercise that right it will be assigned to us by circumstance, like a default setting. People can change, and situations can too, yet without goals they never do. Pick a road, or be satisfied to let it pick you. There is nothing quite as depressing as someone with no direction who is whining about being lost, and nothing quite as useless as regret at the end of a road you never wanted to be on in the first place.
Once you find your true path nothing compares to travel there, even though the destination is never really reachable. Do not waste sorrow over the notion of an unending stroll toward broadened horizons. Treasure your journey and travel with confidence in the direction of your dreams.