Saturday, February 25, 2006

Make A Life

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.
Grandma Moses, 1860-1961, American Folk Artist

That is a long thought, shortly said; simply put, but oh so true. Life is a series of choices and one of the most important ones we ever make is our attitude toward the living of it. Circumstances can slow us down, yet the power to stop forward motion is assigned by our foot on the gas and our hands on the wheel.
We cannot totally control which scenery we pass through, but we can direct where our gaze lingers. Look for the bright shiny places and do not dwell over-long upon the dark that is so much a part of life too. Without the dark the bright would not stand out like a beacon to guide us to its safety. Stay in well lit places whenever possible. Keep in mind that the dark is there while refusing to add to its shadow.
Dark and light: bitter and sweet: hot and cold, all choices of the spirit. Life is what you make it, so do not let life choose how you react to it, but make it react to you. Gather your balance, make firm choices then live with some sort of deliberation. Direct your passion toward something of worth, or it will be wasted by indulgences you care little for, simply because it demands release.
A lot of my time this past week has been given to remodeling The Sisterhood ( and expanding the help pages located there. For easy access a new button titled LOCAL SUPPORT has been added to the main site ( that takes you directly to it. I encourage one and all to gather information in their area to be placed there. I will do the work or have it done if others will gather information and double check that it is updated and usable, but consider letting me create a page and teach you how to load it so it gets the loving care it deserves.