Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What We See

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
John Lubbock

This is more true than most of us realize. Look for the good in things and it will become visible almost instantly, concentrate on the bad and that will quickly rise to the surface. Expect the best of yourself and others then most likely that will be what you get, but expect the worst at your own risk. Sometimes our own will encourages negatives to happen or exacerbates the effect they have upon us. Using our will power to empower ourselves seems a much saner use of such a gift.
Dread something in an active way, without arming yourself with confidence, and it becomes dreadful by default to agree perfectly with whatever expectations we have. Let panic and fear hold you stationary inside the boundaries of senseless worry and your worst fears will materialize.
Allow imagined wrongs to crowd your mind or direct your speech, and fantasy becomes reality. Accuse someone of an act often enough and they will commit it eventually. Beetlejuice is not the only demon that will appear if you repeat its name over and over.
Aim for success, but dwell on failure and it will build a dwelling where you can settle. Walk out on faith. Stride with confidence. Believe yourself competent. Look for beauty. Strive for success. See something ahead worth having then have at it.