Sunday, November 20, 2005

Taming Dragons

Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth.
Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.
Noela Evans

In life anything can be a dragon. What is difficult for some is effortless for others. Some follow us from childhood, while others are born as we travel along. Their size and strength varies by how much they are fed. And when ignored they plant roots and raise a family.
I work hard at taming dragons, sometimes single handedly, sometimes with assistance, but when they cannot be tamed, I slay them as quickly as possible. I have found that the ones others stuffed down my throat, long ago, are the most difficult to manage. But the empowerment earned from tossing out someone else's garbage is well worth the effort. I found that out last month, in a big way. I am learning new things daily from the prizes that spilled out of that dragons mouth, once the fire was out. Each lesson has priceless value to my growth, but some are painful in the extreme.
Sometimes I grow weary of the struggle. I could give into despair and feel sorry for myself. I could refuse to connect with all people, because of the pain caused by a few. I could grow a garden of bitterness with the seeds dropped from careless hands. I could doubt everyone because some lie. But I will not.
A dragons baggage does not belong to me. The real defect is not mine, so punishing myself would not cure it. But escorting another dragon to the boarder of my kingdom will free me to travel on in comfort. I do not hate dragons, I just do not choose to rent them any space within fire breathing distance of my soul.