Saturday, November 19, 2005

Senseless Inventions

What you don't see with your eyes, don't invent with your mouth.
Jewish Proverb

Drama needs no embellishment. Rumors only add layers, of debris, to any difficult situation. But I know people who cannot seem to help themselves. They take a grain of truth and build upon it then sell it to the masses for much more than it is worth.
What you do not see, do not invent, but what you do see, keep to yourself unless someone's safety is compromised. What we view is only the top layer, there is so much more just below the surface. Things said without understanding of what lies beneath only muck things up. Lives are destroyed every day in the name of gossip that holds little or no truth.
People share their hearts with me everyday. I know things that others would love to know, but what I know is only borrowed information. I have no right to trade it or give it away. And I have no inclination. If I told all I know or said all I think, before long nobody would be eager to speak to me, at all. Senseless inventions only make an ass out of their creator.
Why not create a positive? It seems much more practical to assist someone than to condemn them. Tend to your own shortcomings, before you try to judge someone else less than perfect. I do not aim this at anyone in particular, but if it gets you worked up thinking so, it might be because you see yourself in my words. I have no clear image of any face as I type.
I do not judge others, because I do not buy into the gossip game. If I see all as equal, then there is nobody left to talk about. I dwell in a place of concepts and ideas, not a shallow city of whispers in the shadows. It is a difficult thing to absorb the negatives of life with sunshine always beaming in your face. If it cannot be said loud enough for all ears it is not worth the effort. And nine times out of ten it is simply a senseless invention, anyway.