Monday, October 17, 2005

Calm Power

The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. So does a person.
Norman Peale

Internal turbulence inspires storms that destroy everything in sight. One persons demons level the landscape for miles around; petty hardships quickly escalate to dramatic levels with just a bit of wind being directed toward the spark of misfortune. But calm is an impregnable shelter, protecting whatever it surrounds.
Serenity is a fortress beyond description, a state of oneness where all corners intertwine. Inside of its borders debris is handled as soon as it enters airspace. Damage control is an automatic response to any calamity. Each occurrence of panic is but a moment in length, before it dissipates like fog bathed in the light of reason. Core strength increases with every exercise in balance.
A nucleus without structure or balance is simply one that has never been focused on by its owner. Reformat, reboot, relax, reflect, and reexamine the magical space that is yours alone. Peace is an option that must be invited, it will not seek you out if you are unaware of all the possiblities it offers. Allow a calm center to protect your landscape, during the stormy seasons, and strength will be your reward.