Thursday, August 25, 2005

Outlived Enthusiasm

None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.
Henry David Thoreau

Age on paper means little, simply a number that tells how many years you have been on earth, but not a true indications of how alive you are. I have been here for fifty-one years. I have been alert for almost twelve. During the last dozen years, I have been alive in several different degrees; sometimes almost electric in my enthusiasm at others less so, but always aware of the fact that life is a miracle, wondrous in its dimensions. And we each define those ourselves.
Age is a fact, yet when considered closely means not all that much, unless it describes you in a profound way. It simply says nothing about me worth note, except that I survived fifty-one years. Actually, I only survived for forty years. The last eleven I have been busy thriving in all the ways that matter most to me. I refuse to limit myself to a place so small as the age trap.
And you should not willingly give age any more space than it naturally demands either. Be as ageless, and enthusiastic as possible, for as long as possible and your possibilities will be limitless.