Saturday, July 23, 2005

Your Ship

If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!
Jonathan Winters

Waiting and watching for opportunity is a fools pastime, without action things will be just the same tomorrow as they were yesterday. When an obstacle appears in the road ahead, sitting down and waiting for it to move is about stupidest thing a human can do. But I used to do just that, twenty years of waiting simply wasted twenty years of my life.
I learned many important things while I sat there waiting for the mountain to move, things I say here to all who read and things I say to myself as I compose these posts. I got enraged enough finally to stomp across what barred my way or I might still be sitting in its shadow looking like a goof.
My boat is just a small craft and I am still learning the best way to row to avoid traveling in endless circles. I crawled across hot sand to even get my feet wet and the swim took me through some rough water that tried to pull me under. But from the safety of this craft I can propel myself forward at a speed that is set by me and there is such a special joy to being at the helm.