Thursday, July 28, 2005

That Sucks

Today's Quote:
Living in a vacuum sucks.
Adrienne E. Gusoff US teacher, humorist and greeting card writer

Vacuum choices are endless, some suck us in, others we simply crawl into without encouragement. At times, in an effort to protect ourselves, we erect our own custom made prisons. But safety has a very steep price. Isolation, either emotional or physical, is a common symptom that threads its way through each, no matter if they are entered voluntarily or not.
Thresholds are built upon pain. Doorways constructed by negative. Getting trapped is a breeze, all it takes is total surrender. But getting free is much more difficult, since walking against the wind takes energy we do not always possess during a crisis. We get hijacked by circumstances then all too often seem satisfied to just be a well mannered hostage. Living in a vacuum sucks, for sure, especially since a life spent there contains no opportunity for growth.
I am mostly free from the things that held me captivated, but the pull is still at my back. I let it propel me forward, never will I be an easy victim again. The harder the suction the faster I will travel forward to escape its stunted space.