Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Last Small Twig

I do not want to die... Until I have faithfully made the most of my talent and cultivated the seed that was placed in me until the last small twig has grown.
Kathe Kollwitz O Magazine, September 2002

I placed this quote on Our Journey's End's motivational calendar almost three weeks ago, I received notice of the flash movie late yesterday afternoon. I am on the mailing list so I get word whenever a new one comes out. And I watch every movie with an eye toward its possible use here. The perfect mesh between this quote and flash film left me almost breathless. Go figure!
Viewed separately they are powerful enough, uniting them here multiplies each. Now if I am up to task, whatever I add to the mix will not subtract from the clarity of the message they impart. I consider it an honor to join my words to theirs.
The fact that a woman in Illinois and a man in Singapore were working in a kind of synch, without communicating in any way, tells me that a higher hand is involved. I pour over hundreds of quotes to find the ones that I wished I had said about things that I can relate to, none are selected lightly. Sing Cher gets poetry from many sources (even me) and I know he picks and chooses with care too. When content reflects back on you, in some fashion, you are more careful what is placed under your header. When you dress up in a suit, you do not put on house slippers.
It took the talent of four people, living worlds apart, to build this special message, in such a special way. Kathe Kollwitz's words were written in a magazine almost three years ago. I stumbled onto them three weeks ago. Grace E. Easley's poem has no date attached that I could see, yet it came to Sing Cher's attention and he selected music and photos to honor it then published it on just the right day to make the circle complete. Pause just a second to digest how unlikely that would just happen on its own.
Four talents, four seeds, planted in separate fields, at separate times are rooted together here, proving that when you use the talent God gave you, fated situations appear almost out of nowhere and take your breath away. We each have a special talent that only we can do in our own unique way. All humans have something to give, some gift to offer. But all too often the exercising of them is abandoned in the mad dash of living, as if its some crazy race till the death.
I do not want to die either, till I have a chance to leave the world a better place somehow. I plant seeds of comfort that I hope will still be sending up fresh shoots long after I am gone. If I succeed in my aim the last small twig will not depend on my tending, since I will not be gardening here forever, but will live on in the minds and hearts of those who contemplate my words forevermore.
Not for fame which nowadays is no picnic, but for the sake of the message I try so hard to pass on. The message is not mine, although the way I give it comes from that gift of God's kiss before birth. He kisses us all, placing seeds deep within each of us, the tending of them is left to us though. If you know where your seeds are then start planting them without delay. If you do not know then get busy finding them, because harvest time will roll around before you know it.