Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Drifting Through Life

There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking. Alfred Korzybski US (Polish-born) author, logician, & scientist (1879 - 1950)

Things that come too easily are less valued than the struggled for. Just because you make less effort does not make it a better situation, and why would you want to make less effort in the living of your one and only lifetime. To blanket your mind with total belief or total doubt will keep it isolated from the broader thinking it is capable of. The absence of thought is scary to me.
If you save yourself from thinking, what are you saving your thoughts for? They do not pile up like unused vacation days that you can cash in at the end to buy more time. They do not go into an account and draw interest. Once denied or unused they are long gone, and you end up just drifting from situation to situation with no direction.
Thoughts are the wind that fills our sails. Thoughts are the map we plot our course upon. Uttered they reveal our soul, but even silent they define who we are and what we care about. Not thinking about something does not make it go away. Not thinking only guarantees that whatever the end result, you certainly had no hand in the outcome. Drift along if you must, but do not look for me there.
I rode on that raft long ago, letting others do my thinking for me. I ended up stuck in an abyss I almost could not escape from. But I did get free, and I will continue to be free of that mindless position where I just drifted along at someone else's will. If an easy life came from not thinking I want a refund for all the years I was short-changed. Give me back all the time stolen.
I will not hold my breath waiting for that. I will not make myself breathless in that fashion, for a lost cause. I will think long thoughts and be satisfied at the end that I had a hand in my own destination. I will have convictions born from careful consideration. I will demand of my brain the things it is capable of, and not simply drift along on less than I deserve.