Friday, May 06, 2005

The Hard Teacher

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards. Vernon Sanders Law

Hard lessons learned in hard knock school are often painful, but always valuable in the knowledge imparted that could not be gleamed any other way. I know more about myself from having attended, which in a twisted way makes me a proud student of such a maligned institution. Experience teaches the hard way, but once a lesson is learned it is unforgettable.
And nothing learned that way is wasted. Every lesson can be used throughout your lifetime. Each passed test is a reason for celebration, while all failed exams impart enough information to ace the make up. You always get as many make ups as needed to finally learn. And determination to be clueless helps your case, not at all. In a real way Journey's End can act as study material for the subjects I have completed so far, and since I plan never to stop learning its benefits will grow as I do.
I have no way of knowing what subject matter will be next on the agenda, nobody does. Life has a way of unraveling the plans we make, and dealing with sudden detours is just part of hard knock training. I make plans, delight in the challenge of implementing them, while paying close attention to all lessons, both bad and good, that come with each different experience. I have learned well that the quicker you absorb the lesson the quicker you can move on, ignoring the need to learn will not make things fall into place. Inattention to those details will derail your plans, until you graduate in knowledge.
Knowledge is power, and no place is that more evident than hard knock school. Sitting in the back of class, hoping the teacher will ignore your presence there only guarantees that you will be called on for an answer you do not possess. Learn what you can, absorb what you must, then pass it on to others. That is my plan, and my delight.