Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reach For Excellence

I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business. Michael J. Fox, quoted by Lorne A. Adrain in 'The Most Important Thing I Know'US (Canadian-born) actor (1961 - )

The act of reaching for excellence is faith born. Faith in your own power to do the best job you can no matter the task makes grasping excellence possible, without that you simply lack the drive needed to reach more than the mundane. The cost of excellence is dearer and the rewards are priceless.
God is in charge of perfection, but He is also a great mechanic of imperfections. And once repaired He forgets they even existed. If He forgives and forgets, we should be able do the same. Holding grudges against yourself for being human makes no sense and grudges aimed at others only drag you down.
I am as guilty as anyone of building walls against those who have wounded me, with no just cause, but I do forgive them. I am hoping God realizes that I do not wish them pain, yet I will not subject myself to the role of easy target. Abuse leaves a powerful aversion to any pain that can be avoided. I steer clear of what I know will cause agony, without really solving anything. Pain for pains sake is stupid. And I am not stupid. Some things need a bigger tool than I possess to mend them.
Life teaches you that some battles are necessary, some are not. I choose my battles carefully. Revenge is not in my database. Spite is more destructive to the one spewing it than the one it is aimed toward. I will continue on this road and follow it past all obstacles, with such a clear vision of where I am heading it should be a pleasant journey. Reaching for excellence is so much better than settling for the ordinary.