Saturday, March 05, 2005

A Perfect Day

1922: Annie Oakley shoots 98 out of 100 clay pigeons, breaking the existing women's trap-shooting record.

As we look deeply within, we understand our perfect balance. There is no fear of the cycle of birth, life and death. For when you stand in the present moment, you are timesless. Rodney Yee

Today was perfect in every way. I hit the floor running and traveled from task to task through a world shimmering in bright sunshine. I wore a coat I did not need on the trip to tend two little dudes, like a good grandma should. I let their chatter keep me distracted while I wrote out checks to pay the bills, and did not mind it as much as usual. It was simply impossible to stress over green paper today.
Keeping an eye on a three year old who was building a tent with covers, over top of a ferrets cage kept me centered. And trying to stay straight faced as a five year old solemnly claimed to be a spy with special powers was a struggle I delighted in. He turned me purple twice, although only spy eyes could see. He said I looked real nice that way. I listened to Dustin so closely that I soon wished I were a spy too and completely ignored my shrinking bank balance.
I flew from their world of tents and OO5's with attitude, coatless this time, finally able to let loose of the giggles held back while the big eyed camper and the spy in training watched my every move. As the car rushed toward 60, the air rushing in the window soared toward 70, and music vibrated all around. Summer tunes threatened to make me forget the season as I visited the post office and bank then headed toward a house as familiar as my own.
My best friend Vicky was ready and waiting for our trip to the gym. We took it easy today, she has been sick, so we swam and hot tubbed together then I spent some delicious minutes in the sauna napping before showering and pulling myself together. We shopped our way home. I found a perfect pair of earrings to mark this perfect day, and I put them on at the check out counter of Payless Shoes. She found some cool summer shades, and we marched out into the sunshine, two soul sisters happy to just be sharing space. The ride home was wind in my hair wonderful.
It is my habit to dream of what could be, but I accept what is. Sometimes the two match, sometimes not. Always I strive to get them as close as possible to a perfect symmetry between the two. Without my dreams the moments I really own would be few. I own them all as they slowly pass, noticed one by one. I walk in sunshine and follow the shadow of my dreams wherever they lead. Try doing the same and revel in the sensation of really living every second, even the ordinary.