Monday, March 07, 2005

Monkey Moments

1876 Alexander Graham Bell patents telephone

Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room. Sir Winston Churchill British politician (1874 - 1965)

Well, I have had many discussions with both species, and I have to admit that I love monkey chatter almost as much as I do serious talks about weightier issues than any primate could be bothered with undertaking. My brain revels in the exercise of closely inspecting concepts, ideals and issues. A lively sharing of point of view between bright people is stimulating, often my mind spins at hyper speed due to chats that expanded the pathway my thought patterns usually follow.
I always feel like I have to learn things to make up for all the time I just drifted along. Every day I intentionally study something, because I am so weary of being so clueless about so many things for so long. Contemplation feeds my mind until it is stuffed full then one of two things always occurs; either all thoughts slam together in a mighty gridlock, or they fly so rapidly by that I have no time to fully absorb one before the next demands attention. When I have had my fill of the organ grinder the monkey is a perfect playmate.
Last night after I had written my post I acted monkish myself, and I thank the friends who played along with my primate side. I had not realized how much I needed to laugh. I laughed my brain into silence and earned myself a wonderfully dreamless sleep. Long before I was finished monkey chattering my cheeks and sides ached. By the time the last chuckle had echoed to silence my face was damp with tears inspired by near hysteria. Absence of thought was just the therapy I needed.
Life is a matter of balance. Being all one way or all the other makes true balance impossible. Taking everything too seriously is just as bad for a persons equilibrium as taking nothing too seriously, so try to be equal parts organ grinder and monkey.
Winston Churchill was a very intelligent man, who wrestled with serious issues every day, but if his quote is any indication he had a monkey moment from time to time too. Don't you just love the things in life that make you go, hmmmmmm?