Friday, February 04, 2005

Slamming Doors

I know how to slam doors passed through while I am raging, in fact it could be said that I am a pro. Jerry used to try correcting me, which never worked and only earned him a hot glare, plus two or three extra slammings every go round. I did not scream like a shrew, but I am a slammer. But I bang to make noise not to shut anyone out
Internal slamming of doors is not as loud, but once these are shut and locked it is an impossible feat for anyone without a key to enter. All you can do if you are the one being shut out is to let the person on the other side of the door know that you are patiently waiting for them to reappear. Loud banging or threats tempt no sane person to let you in.
If you are an internal slammer leave one door cracked for the people who care enough to look for a way in. When you lock others out you are also trapping yourself in place. Better to come out and take the hand offered, or punch the busybody in the kisser than to barricade yourself into a corner for a lifetime.